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"The Four"
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Episode Summary: Dhianeila continues to guide the Argonaut through uncharted space towards Elysium. Romu Ro imprisons Yuty La aboard his ship, where she is overcome by her emotions over Karkinos's death. Within Yuty La's void of nothingness from Kervius, Age meets with Mehitak and Lecty. The gem containing Karkinos's Heroic Tribe form then appears and Karkinos is revived from death. The four Nodos contemplate their contracts and unite their powers to allow Age to escape the void. Phaetho O's forces attack the Argonaut, despite the objections of other Silver Tribe members. Dhianeila finally locates the path to Elysium, but Phaetho O warps in and prepares to destroy them with a final attack. Just as he fires, Age, as Bellcross, appears and blocks the beam allowing the Argonaut to warp away.

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