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Episode Summary: Age, Mehitak, Karkinos, and Lecty escape from the void of nothingness along with all the ships consumed by Yuty La's attacks. The four Nodos teleport to Phaetho O's ship to rest. En route to Elysium, the Argonaut is consumed by a strange electrical storm. Dhianeila believes the storm is a test of the Iron Tribes resolve. The Argonaut uses its main cannon to clear the storm and is brought to Elysium. Dhianeila travels to the planet surface. While exploring, she and her guards are confronted by Romu Ro who declares that there is nothing left of the Golden Tribe and will destroy the planet. Romu Ro's ship appears and crashes into the Argonaut forcing it to crash into the planet surface. While a mentally chaotic Kervius attack the planet's defenses, Romu Ro engages Dhianeila's guards. As Romu Ro prepares to destroy her, Age and the other Nodos appear.

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