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"The Final Labor"
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Episode Summary: The four Nodos reach Elysium and Lecty threatens Romu Ro not to destroy the humans. Kervius's mental chaos worsens and the four Nodos are forced to fight. As Romu Ro has sealed Yuty La's mind, the rest of the Silver Tribe cannot contact her to stop and the four Nodos are unable to triumph. Lecty encounters her past versions representing her past doubts and comes to realize that Age and Bellcross are the key to opening the door to the Golden Tribe, and Bellcross absorbs the planet's energy into itself with help from his past selves. Kervius is the door while Bellcross is the key to the portal and Bellcross succeeds in defeating Kervius and opening the portal, seemingly being welcomed by the Golden Tribe while his body shatters. The Golden Tribe are briefly seen while Karkinos revives Yuty La and they embrace. Dhianeila and the Argonaut see Bellcross's orb fall back to the ground from the portal only to have it shatter when touched by Dhianeila.

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