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Episode Summary: The Silver Tribe, the Bronze Tribe, and the Iron Tribe fleets travel to Elysium. Phaetho O helps repair the Argonaut. Prome O and Dhianeila reunite. The Silver Tribe decides to go through the portal along with the Bronze Tribe and the remaining Nodos. Before leaving, Prome O gives Dhianeila the power of the Golden Tribe held by the Silver Tribe. Dhianeila decides to remain and work to restore the galaxy. Dhianeila becomes queen and unites all of humanity. The crew of the Argonaut use the Golden Tribe's power to end all war and destruction. Finally, the Argonaut returns to Oron to fulfill Age's wish. Four years pass, and Oron has been completely restored to its former glory. Dhianeila stands on the shore of the ocean and longs to see Age again. As she begins to leave, a portal appears above Oron and a beam of golden light descends to the ocean surface. Within the light, Age appears, saying that by restoring the planet, Dhianeila created a path for him to return. He extends his hand to Dhianeila, who rushes to him with tears in her eyes. At the moment their hands meet, they are engulfed in a blinding light. The portal above Oron disappears and the camera zooms out to reveal countless galaxies.

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