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"Drifters of the Dead"
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Episode Summary: The gang find themselves on a remote tropical island, supposedly free of zombies. While the girls have some fun on the beach, Kohta finds some fish while Takashi locates some leaves for a fire. However, these leaves turn out to be hydrangea leaves, the smoke from which cause everyone to start having strange sexual hallucinations. Takashi is lead away by who he imagines is Saeko, who he then proceeds to imagine to have sex with. Meanwhile Shizuka imagines Saya to be her friend Rika, while Saya imagines her to be her mother. Saya imagines the two bathe each other, while Shizuka imagines they are in bed. When Saya comes to, she is found lying on Shizuka. She then sees Rei and Saeko kissing each other, imagining that each other was Takashi. She also sees Kohta, still in his bathing suit, dry-humping a broom saying "Revolution!" repeatedly; since it is obvious that he is clothed, but still imagining a sexual encounter, it is presumed that no characters actually had sex. They then all agree that it was all just an illusion, and that none of it really happened. They then go to find Takashi on his own, holding off 4 zombies in his sleep, dreaming that each was one of the girls wanting to have sex with him. After the credits, it is explained that there was a tunnel connecting the island to the mainland, hence explaining why the zombies were able to reach the island.

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