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"The Holy Woman's Advent"

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Episode Summary: Tamaki and the guardians discuss about the people they saw earlier which Yuichi comments that their names are the numbers from 1-4 in German, they find out that whenever Tamaki gets a headache it means that someone is trying to break through the seal barrier. The group decides to go to Ohmi-san to ask him about the artifacts and Fiona interrupts them asking why they are there and Takuma stares at her as he seemed suspicious of her and as she leaves she stares back at him. After school, as Tamaki and the four guardians on their way to Ohmi-san's house, Tamaki asks them about their interests. At Ohmi-san's house, he offered them tea and told them about the artifacts and that the artifacts originally belonged to the Tamayori princess. The group came to know that the artifacts are decorative things consist of: ring, mirror, necklace, bracelet and the bells and those five make the barrier and seal the onikirimaru which no one can break but the Tamayori princess and the guardians. Before the group leaves, it seemed that those people came to take one of the artifacts which caused Tamaki to feel pain in her heart and the guardians went to prevent them from breaking the seal. They encounter a little girl with blond hair which appeared to be Aria Rosenberg who claims to be the incarnation of Monado Cephelot accompanied by the people who named themselves the logos. The two groups fight together which ended with the logos defeating the guardians easily and Monado takes the bracelet which causes Tamaki to feel a great pain in her heart and the guardians lying on the ground and couldn't do anything to prevent them from taking the artifact. Takuma on a desperate attempt tries to retrieve the bracelet but it was all in vain. The episode ends with Baba-sama telling Tamaki that it's impossible for her to retrieve the artifact seal as long as she does not realize herself as the Tamayori princess.

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