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"... ...Please, don't take my drawings away from me... ... / Please give me your life"
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Episode Summary: After spending the night with Morita, Hagu wakes up and sees her right hand swollen, frightening her. Morita takes her back to the hospital, meeting up with Professor Hanamoto. Takemoto encounters Morita outside the hospital. Takemoto takes Morita to Hagu place, questioning himself if Hagu will be able to paint again. Professor Hanamoto visits Hagu again, and Hagu asks if Professor Hanamoto can give up his life for her, and Professor Hanamoto reluctantly accepts. Hagu reminisces about the time she was with Professor Hanamoto when she was younger. Professor Hanamoto was always with her. Takemoto and Morita wake up early in the morning. Takemoto and Morita soon begin to fight over Hagu, but soon reconcile. Morita delivers a box to Professor Hanamoto, but Professor Hanamoto only takes some money and gives the box back to Morita. Professor Hanamoto admits his love for Hagu.

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