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"... ...In time, there will come a day when everything is just a memory / With honey and clovers"
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Episode Summary: Yamada questions Professor Hanamoto's love for Hagu. Mayama is happy for Professor Hanamoto for admitting his love for Hagu. Yamada regrets telling Morita about Hagu's accident. Mayama explains to Yamada that Hagu had art as a part of her life, so her love for Morita was uncertain in the past. Professor Hanamoto prepares to take a break from teaching, and then tells Rika about it. Rika explains to Professor Hanamoto that Mayama scolded her about Professor Hanamoto. Kaoru feels guilty for allowing the former boss of Floyd Electric to live with his children and grandchildren. Hagu compares Yamada to a dove, and Hagu would want to make origami doves for Yamada. Morita tells Kaoru about the fun employees and about the strong Hagu. Everyone celebrates the graduation of Takemoto and Hagu. This will be the last night before Takemoto leaves. Takemoto and Hagu are sent to buy ice cream. Hagu worries about Professor Hanamoto, but Takemoto tells her not to worry. As Takemoto leaves on a train, Hagu bids him farewell, giving him some bread. Within each sandwich there is some honey and a four-leaf clover.

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  1. lurkinggood

    Nov 24th, 2013

    This is the best anime of its kind I’ve ever seen; it’s hard to let go of these characters, including that asshole Morita.

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