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".. ...What was I expecting her to say? / All I wanted to hear was that little thing"
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Episode Summary: Takemoto later announced the news about Morita leaving to Los Angeles to Hagu and the rest. Later, they all went to Morita's room, since the door was destroyed by Kaoru. Takemoto asked Hagu whether or not she wants Morita to return, but her stern and straightforward answer before was really hurting him. The story mainly talked about Yamada and her feelings later on. To save money, Mayama asked Yamada to help making some artwork for his firm's project. Takemoto, seeing Hagu all fired up creating her latest work, reminded him of Morita's dedication in his work. Yamada invites Hagu along with the gang to the fireworks display that will be taking place that evening. Both Hagu and Yamada choose their yukatas for the event. Later that evening, Yamada, being conscious with her look, revealed that she just wanted Mayama to compliment her on her yukata.

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