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"I met with her in my dream... ... / I touched her in my dream"
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Episode Summary: Mayama dreams of Rika. One of his co-workers, Miwako Teshigawara, says that when one dreams of another, it is because the person in the dream wants them to meet so much that the soul escapes the body and comes to the dream. Mayama was in doubt about that, but on the way back home from a meeting, he and his other co-workers, Takumi Nomiya and Kazushi Yamazaki, passed by a park where Rika was just behind a fountain watching him passing by. Mayama didn't notice until later on. However, when he ran back to the fountain, she was not there anymore. Later, everyone at Mayama's workplace began talking about Rika's deceased husband, seemingly making Mayama realize that he was the only one who did not know Rika's husband personally. Nomiya mentions Yamada, implying that he wants to meet her. Mayama then leaves the office, only to go to the festival with Takemoto, Hagu, Yamada, and Professor Hanamoto. He was followed later by Nomiya, Yamazaki, and Miwako, much to his chagrin.

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