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"If it was a Bear, It would End Right Here"
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Episode Summary: Out in a forest beside a stream stands a little boy, Kazuma Hoshino, and a girl; the latter of whom is upset that he is leaving. After cheering her up and promising to stay friends, Kazuma, a teenager, awakens; sitting across from his brother Ayumu on a train. As Ayumu gazes in awe out the passenger window, Kazuma looks as well, taken by the sight of a stream sparkling in the sun and its resemblance to the one in his dream. The boys get off in Yamabiko Town, catching what they believe to be a bus to Yorozuyo Inn, a lodge where they have arranged to live. Having boarded the wrong bus however, Kazuma and Ayumu are driven several miles out, leaving them no choice but to wait out their bus at the next stop. Making the best of the situation, the boys lounge around, spotting a small monkey across the road. As Ayumu searches for snacks to feed it, the mischievous animal steals his hat and runs off. Kazuma angrily pursues the critter, disappearing into the surrounding forest. Chasing through a stream, which he slips into, and up a tree, which he jumps off of and falls from, Kazuma recovers the hat. He finds himself lost shortly afterward however, being happened upon by a young girl, Ui Nakatsugawa. Noticeably cheery and familiar with the area, she guides him in the direction of the bus stop, reapproaching the stream from earlier. With speed and grace she hops across, bidding Kazuma to do to the same. As he runs to do likewise though, images of his dream flash before his eyes, causing him to land unbalanced and knock her over with a kiss. Having witnessed the whole thing, Ibuki Hinata, Ui's friend, aggressively sends him on his way. The boys meet back at the stop, catching the bus to the inn. Senka Yorozu, the landlady, graciously welcomes them in, fetching them rooms and serving them dinner. That night, to his personal grievance, Kazuma regrets having not gotten Ui's name. The following morning, their first day of school, Senka introduces the boys to Tsumugi Toudou, an employee and fellow student who guides them to campus. As the bell rings and classes get settled, the teacher of a second-year class announces that a transfer student will be joining them. Kazuma walks in to the absolute shock of Ibuki, who then by extension, finds Ui, waving.

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