Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi Episode 11 English Subbed

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"Rejected in the Rain"
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Episode Summary: School back in session, Daigo reiterates his discontent to Kazuma about rejecting Madoka on their way to class. As Kazuma tries to explain otherwise, she happily catches up to them. Class out for the day, and walking home together, Ibuki neutrally warns Ui that unless she confesses to Kazuma soon, someone else might; including herself. That night, as both girls ponder the conversation, Ayumu calls Ui and asks if she will model for him the next day. That morning, acting on behalf of this, Senka shoos Kazuma out of the inn. Aimless and bored, he decides to visit the shopping district, bumping into Ibuki along the way. The two instead travel together to Honchou and spend the day playing arcade games, trying on clothes, dining, and singing karaoke. Back at the house, Ayumu takes a break and sits with Ui who is surprised to learn that the drawing is a gift for Kazuma, as he believes they're dating. As the day closes in, Ui bids her regards and walks home, upset. Sitting at the park, Ibuki happily thanks Kazuma for their time out, jokingly describing them as a couple and though serious, playfully asks him out. He sharply turns down the offer and leaves; though a minute or so into doing this, runs back to apologize. Fighting the urge to cry, Ibuki, heartwrenched, maintains her offer was a joke; returning home as rainclouds drench her. Back home, discontent with her behavior from her brother's marriage, Ui calls him to the surprise that his wife, Kuriko, is pregnant. Ibuki heads to the overlook early in the morning to vent about Kazuma. As she heads to school, Ui catches up, overjoyed that she is going to be an aunt.

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