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"Should not Taste like Cheese"
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Episode Summary: A dream sequence of Ui and her brother Hajime, as children, sharing a slice of cheesecake opens. Noticing a splotch of cream on her cheek, he reaches out to wipe it off, cutting to the image of the kiss by the stream. Ui wakes up in surprise, placing two fingers to her lips. Back at present time, Kazuma introduces himself to the class; assigned to sit in the back, directly between Ui and Ibuki. After an acquaintance with the girls, Daigo Minamikokubaru, a fellow second-year student, and a literature class, the group sits to lunch, discussing a popular nearby overlook. School is let out, and in the later company of Tsumugi, the group decide to walk Kazuma around the town. Stopping to collect Ayumu and with him, Kasane Toudou, Tsumugi's sister, the gang visit a convenience store, florist, bicycle store, restaurants, a café, bookstore and grocer before stopping to tell him about a regional folklore; the legend of a mountain named Futagoyama, at which Kazuma had gotten lost the previous day. As noted by Ayumu, the legend bares a resemblance to Tanabata. The group continue to the local Shinto shrine where Kazuma is introduced to the miko there, Madoka Komoto. Dumbfounded at the sight of him however, Madoka runs off. As their final destination, the gang visit an ice cream parlor where they share a large parfait. Upon finishing the meal, Kazuma notices and wipes cream off Ui's lips, causing her to daydream of Hajime, much to her embarrassment. That night, having returned home and taking a bath, Ui comes to terms with earlier, making a comparison between herself and Kazuma. The idea of him as a brother, she happily settles into the water.

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