Hunter x Hunter (2011) Episode 148 English Subbed

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9 Responses to “Hunter x Hunter (2011) Episode 148”

  1. Over 9

    Sep 23rd, 2014

    I have been waiting for this show to end for 10 years

  2. muriyaki

    Sep 23rd, 2014

    is it still ganna continue?

  3. fritzce

    Sep 23rd, 2014

    the anime ends here, i dunno when will they be continuing this again. The author of the manga is as lazy as f*ck, last month he continued the manga a few chapters and then he puts it on hiatus again, just when there’s a new adventure coming when they will be exploring the dark continent.

  4. olympus

    Sep 23rd, 2014

    oo im sad to hear that maybe in another 10 years then

  5. Egg

    Sep 24th, 2014

    The author is not lazy, he is having health problem again. Being a mangaka is not easy you know, and besides he draws the whole thing by himself without having any assistants . Im thankful for togashi’s great story telling and this was a great anime while it lasted

  6. daboymyboy

    Sep 24th, 2014

    Give togashi a magic. Beaans so he can recover fast xD

  7. Black

    Nov 22nd, 2014

    Guys dont worry just 6 or 7 month and the new manga gonna come out with mean new episode after that


    Aug 11th, 2016

    Gin is a dick. Hes sorta an asshole to all the character we know but everyone likes him.

    Anyway, Mangaka s dragging his his feet making the more chapters turing it into Hunter x Hunter into Hiatus x Hiatus. Probably because he is married to the person who created Sailor Moon.

    I marathoner this series and it was standard shounen affair up until around ep 100. Up until that point the MC were flat and had nothing really going for them and the story was average with average characters, average pacing, average character designs, average story, just nothing note worthy. After that the character started having a drive and complex thoughts, the pacing became top notches with the most optimal pauses, talking, fighting, and monologues, character designs got a little better better as with the animation, the story all of a sudden started having a clear message to say to the readers with things to think about, fighting got a lot better with losing a lot of the campy shounen tropes and taking it seriously, after ep 100 the combination of all these got so much better.

  9. rubber

    Jan 25th, 2017

    So this the end or there more? whats manga? Loved it i mean LOVED… every episode up to and including the phantom troupe…but soon as the spiders were dealt with… chimera ants , dragged on n on.

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