Hunter x Hunter (2011) Episode 7 English Subbed

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"Showdown × On × The Airship"

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Episode Summary: All the candidates are told by Beans, Neteros' secretary to get their dinner and rest and prepare for the third phase the next morning. Tonpa tries to commit sabotage again by trying to keep Kurapika and Leorio awake for the whole night, but is exasperated to find that none of them fall for his tricks. Gon and Killua explore the airship, and Killua tells Gon that he is actually from a family of assassins. He wished to strike out on his own, which his family has not taken lightly. Neteros arrives and tests both boys' instinct and asks how they felt about the difficulty of the exam. Neteros invites both of them to a game, whoever can grab the ball he is holding before dawn will immediately pass the exam. Gon and Killua find it too hard to pass up, but discovers that with Neteros' skills, they are unable to grab the ball. Eventually Killua realizes that with their skills, they will never be able to take the ball from Neteros for a year, if he keeps it up. Killua retires, but then takes it out on two candidates who harass him, by maiming and killing them. Gon continues trying to grab the ball, and uses a headbutt on Neteros. The old man realizes that Gon will crack his skull if he continues with his headbutt, so he uses his right hand to push Gon away from him. Gon then tells Neteros then he has managed to get him to use his right hand once, which he had not used from the start of the challenge. After his speech, Gon falls asleep from exhaustion.

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  1. LIghtning

    Oct 12th, 2012

    Why did Kilua kill the other contestants? Makes him look scarier, as if his resolve to turn away from his assassin career was shaken easily with three people who bumped him? That wasn’t the case in the previous depiction of Kilua. Sad.

  2. ExiledGoddess


    Jun 9th, 2013


  3. austin

    Sep 10th, 2014

    I like this series

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