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"he Blind Spot of All People"

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Episode Summary: Hōtarō Oreki was invited by Fuyumi Irisu for some tea. At the restaurant, Fuyumi questions about the theories of here fellow three members of the movie production, whether their theories were correct or not. Hōtarō tells her all of them were not good. She then calmly asks what were wrong, which was when Hōtarō started to explain deeply. When finished, after hearing Hōtarō's explanation, Fuyumi asks who rejected all of these theories. Hōtarō answers that he did. Fuyumi talks about how he, when they first met, said not to expect much from him. Yet, he was the one to take down and burry all of the theories, which was up to Fuyumi's expectations indeed. She knew from the start that the three members who gave their theories were not of the right level, though she wouldn't say that they are each incompetent. Each of them have their own talent and this situation did not allow them to be of much use. Without Hōtarō, she may have chosen one of the three's and possibly make a failure out of the movie. There was one person Fuyumi could only count on. She heard of this individual from three of her people: Eru Chitanda, a person not from the school, and Masashi Tōgaito. She was convinced that this one person could be the detective for the film. It was Hōtarō she was seeking from the start, not the Classics club. She realizes that he has great talent, and is a special person.

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