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"End Role of the Fool"

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Episode Summary: Even Mayaka tells Hōtarō how the movie was intriguing, she also tells him about the missing prop, which was the rope. Hōtarō does remember it being mentioned, and makes an excuse that it could have been an unnecessary item. But Mayaka doesn't buy it, since it's a fact that story-writer Hongou wanted the ropes to be part of the story so badly. Hōtarō becomes slightly dismayed by this truth, but Mayaka tries not to make things more complicated by saying that she liked his idea. Even so, she still thinks that all the clues didn't fit his solution. Hōtarō agrees, and Mayaka heads to the Manga Society. As Hōtarō walks out of the screening room, he wonders why he had forgotten this crucial element, whether if he subconsciously ignored or had changed the questions around to fit his answers. As he walk across the school bridge to the next school building, Hōtarō doesn't notice that someone is calling from behind, as he is in deep thought. When the person who's behind him taps his shoulder, Hōtarō surprisingly looks back, only to see Satoshi. Satoshi wonders what was wrong, but he ignors it and asked what he wanted from him. Satoshi has a question he wants to ask, while Hōtarō takes note that it seems Satoshi doesn't want to talk about this around neither Mayaka or Eru.

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