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"The Last Target"

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Episode Summary: As more people realize that the thefts are following the gojūon order, a lot of amateur detectives gather early in the morning in front of the Global Acting Club (グローバルアクトクラブ Gurōbaru Akuto Kurabu?). No one thinks of the Quiz Research Society (クイズ研究会 Kuizu Kenkyūkai?) as a likely target, as its event is already over. In the end, it turns out that "ku" was skipped and the Light Music Club (軽音部 Keion-bu?), its name starting with "ke" (け?), is targeted instead. Hōtarō's sister, fulfilling her earlier promise, visits the Cultural Festival on its last day and exchanges Mayaka's mirror for the manga A Corpse by Evening (夕べには骸に Yūbe niwa Mukuro ni?), a copy of which Mayaka was looking for in vain in her home earlier. To everyone's surprise in the club, he finds the manga fascinating and cannot put it down until having finished reading it. It gives him some clues to the solution of the "Jūmoji" mystery, but the picture is still not clear. He asks some help from Satoshi, but Hōtarō still has some things to figure out. In the meantime, Eru gets five minutes of air time on the school radio.

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  1. Style

    Aug 6th, 2012

    Wrong anime lol.

  2. Sugoisan

    Aug 6th, 2012

    I didn’t really like this anime very much at first, but every episode makes me love it a little more

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