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"The Homemade Chocolates Case"
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Episode Summary: Eru asks Hōtarō to accompany her to the Arekusu Shrine for New Years Eve, mentioning that Satoshi and Mayaka would be there and that she planned on showing off her kimono. After arriving, Mayaka, who is working at the lost and found station, gives Eru and Hōtarō fortunes. Mayaka tells them that Satoshi went home for a while to watch a period drama (which Hōtarō had watched earlier in the day). Eru and Hōtarō volunteer to retrieve sake lees from the shrine warehouse, but the pair mistakenly search a shed instead and are locked in from the outside. Since she is representing her father and the regulars at the shrine would recognize her, Eru requests that Hōtarō not call for help, as someone could get the wrong idea from their situation. Braving the cold, Hōtarō drops Eru's handkerchief out of the shed in hopes that it will reach Mayaka. It does reach her, but Mayaka is distracted by Satoshi's return. Remembering that Satoshi had watched the same drama he had, Hōtarō throws out Eru's purse. Mayaka recognizes it and shows Satoshi, who immediately spots the string that Hōtarō had tied around it–a signal from the drama that its "contents are trapped". Satoshi rushes to the shed and rescues them.

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