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"The Truth of the Historic Classic Literature Club"

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Episode Summary: Hōtarō realizes there are still holes in his theory, after a phone conversation with his sister. He then confronts the school librarian, Kōriyama Yōko, who was present at the time of the incident involving Eru's uncle. She reveals that Eru's uncle was forced onto taking responsibility for the student's strike from shortening the Culture Festival and thus it was not completely of his will that he was expelled. His final wish is to name the Classic Literature Club anthologies as "Hyōka", which in its translation to English reveals it to be a pun on "ice cream", since his true intention is delivering the message "I scream": telling the future Classic Literature Club members to be strong, as he is forcibly expelled from his beloved Culture Festival. Eru cries at the message, remembering that her question to her uncle on that day was of the true meaning of "Hyōka". The next day, the Classic Literature Club begins planning for their anthology.

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