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Episode Summary: The episode starts out with a person texting a friend of his/her about what he/she can do for an arrangement that could not be fulfilled by this friend. The person finishes texting and the scene goes onto someone chatting. This person is asking a senpai on the chat whether or not the senapi can do the job in place of the person and the person's friend. The senpai is unable to, but the senpai recommends someone else to ask. "L", the one recommended by the senpai, comes on and hears the person's story. The person invites L to come to a meeting place, preferably bringing three friends, knowing that L is in the Classics club. Satoshi Fukube and Hōtarō Oreki are on their way to school, as they see a streamer being hung along the school building. Satoshi jokes about how he would like to have some talent to let him reach such achievements, but says it's impossible. Hōtarō notes that he has his "database", but Satoshi says that he may have such a talent, but it won't give him the title of "Quiz King".

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