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"Strange Surveillance Agent"
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Episode Summary: Akuto meets with the principal of the academy with Korone, whom the principal ordered to stay with Akuto as a bodyguard and a judge of whether or not he will truly become a demon king. Akuto meets with Fujiko Eto the following day, who pledges to help him despite his destiny. She later recommends that they meet in secret in the mountains behind the school, and instructs him on how to disable Korone. En route, Akuto and Korone are attacked by a demon dog, an animal mutated by mana. Akuto is able to absorb the creature's mana and return it to a puppy, a feat that astounds Korone. The puppy picks up Kena's scent, whose ability to become invisible is revealed. After deactivating Korone, Akuto rendezvous with Fujiko in the mountains, where she asks him to join the school's disciplinary committee to help clear his name. As an emergency way to reconcile with Junko, she also gives him a two-shot magical gun that fires medicinal tablets, which she claims will allow the two people shot by it to understand each others' feelings. On the way back, he is tackled by Kena, still fleeing from the puppy, and is rendered visible and exposed in clear view of the now-reactivated Korone. In exchange for testifying to Korone that Akuto did not try to molest her, Kena requests his friendship, which he agrees to. At the end, Fujiko is shown contacting Junko, falsely claiming that Akuto had threatened her. Fujiko then enters a secret passage in her room, where she converses with her brother's severed head about her plans for Akuto.

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    i hope this is good

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    2nd episode and im loving it alreaddy! =3

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    Man that woman much mire sneak and evil and scarey then dmeon lird himself

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