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"A Slightly Intimidating Senior"
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Episode Summary: During a late-night soak in the male bathhouse, Hiroshi informs Akuto about the school's underground, and mentions that Junko gained her popularity at the school by fighting this underground. As Fujiko arranges a meeting between Akuto and Junko the following afternoon, Akuto meets with the student council with regard to his application for being the disciplinary committee's representative. Akuto has to deal with Korone in order to meet with Junko, and decides the only way to ensure she is out of the way is by pulling her tail again, which leads to a misunderstanding until Kena interrupts to dump her rice cooker on Akuto since she was banned from keeping it in her room as a gesture and proof of their friendship. The meeting with Junko turns out to be an ambush by members of the underground, and Akuto swiftly beats them, only for Junko to appear when the dust settles. Mistaking the act as a wrongdoing, she publicly calls Akuto out for punitive justice, and together with a large crowd of students, chase Akuto around the school. Kena intervenes at the last moment before Junko can complete her punitive justice. Junko admits that the situation got out of hand and that she was partly responsible for the misunderstanding that prompted the mob to come after Akuto, only to have the mob call her out for turning back to Akuto's side. Korone saves the situation by showering the angry mob of students in medicated rice.

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