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"Inari, First Love, First Transformation"
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Episode Summary: Whilst taking a shortcut on her way to school, Inari Fushimi rescues a small fox pup from falling into the river. Later, Inari ends up accidentally embarrassing her classmate Kōji Tanbabashi, whom she has a crush on. As Inari tries to find the opportunity to apologise to Kōji, he spots what she presumes is him giving a love letter to another classmate, Akemi Sumizome, assuming he is in love with her. Running off to the Inari Shrine to lament her feelings, Inari is led by some mysterious fox spirits to meet the shrine's goddess, Uka-no-Mitama-no-Kami, also known as Uka. Given an offer to have any wish granted as thanks for saving the pup from earlier, Inari makes a wish to become Akemi so that she can be closer to Kōji, later discovering that she has Akemi's appearance. Whilst trying to get her bearings, Inari is approached by Kōji, who had heard from her friends Keiko Sanjō and Chika Muratamachi that she hadn't come home. After hearing Kōji blame himself for the way he ignored Inari's attempts to apologise, Inari, feeling she hasn't changed at all, returns to Uka to try and undo her wish. Whilst unable to grant an additional wish to change Inari back into her regular appearance, Uka instead gives her a portion of her own divine power, giving Inari the ability to change into the form of any human she wishes. After Inari manages to return to her normal form, Uka assigns the pup from earlier, Kon, to be her familiar and keep watch over her. The next day, Inari learns that Kōji is absent from school, a day before his big basketball game.

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