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Episode Summary: After overhearing that Kōji might allegedly like Inari, Minami asks him about the letter she gave to Inari, only to learn he never receieved it from her. The next day, as the school is tasked with clearing up the school grounds, Inari and her friends notice their other classmates are ignoring them. After Inari questions them why, they explain they were told to ignore them by Minami's close friend, Kyōko Kangetsu. Inari confronts Kyōko, who accuses her of throwing away Minami's letter so she could get closer to Kōji. When Kyōko and her friends take their anger out on Chika and injures her, Inari's hatred causes her divine power to spiral out of control and trigger an earthquake. Learning of this, Uka uses what power she has to send her spirit to Inari's side and put her power back under control. As the students are reassembled, Minami scolds Kyōko, now wanting her to act on her behalf, whilst Inari apologises about the letter, with Minami respecting Inari for telling the boy she likes someone else's feelings. Afterwards, Inari learns from Miya and Tōka that Uka is about to fade away as the result of Inari using too much of her power. With help from Kon and the other spirits of the shrine, Inari heads off to find Uka to try and return her divine power before it is too late.

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  1. crnr


    Mar 24th, 2014

    geh.. girls can be scary a single letter can spark be a spark to some war >.<
    that's what happen when u put to much pressure on someone's shoulder

    when did I become such a softie TT-TT why would I cry after hearing that beautiful song

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