Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou Episode 3 English Subbed

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"Drowning Men Clutch at Dogs"

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Episode Summary: As Kirihime loses the supposed slasher during her pursuit, Madoka acts strangely towards Kazuhito, whom he initially believed that she is aware that he is currently a dog but actually isn't as shown that she can't actually understand Kazuhito in his current dog form but nonetheless considered him as her late brother. While Madoka leaves temporarily, Kirihime takes Kazuhito back to her home and interrogates him about his abductee. After being convinced Madoka is really his sister, Kirihime shows Kazuhito an item the supposed slasher dropped during the pursuit - Shinobu Akiyama's book, as Kazuhito deduces that the slasher holds a grudge against its author which Kirihime suspects to be Madoka, much to Kazuhito's disbelief. The next day the duo continues their investigation and Kirihime gets notified by Suzuna that someone has been shredding her books, which reveals to be Madoka. Back at her home, Kirihime apprises that the cause of Madoka's grievance were her books which the latter thought to be the cause of her late brother's death. After Kirihime agreed in helping Kazuhito in confronting his sister, Madoka breaches into Kirihime's home and gets a hold of Kazuhito.

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