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"An Ancestor Named Kagome"
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Episode Summary: It is recognized that Akitoki Hojo, one of Hojo's ancestors from Feudal Japan, is the husband of a woman named Kagome. While Kagome tries to deal with her unsettling feelings, Akitoki approaches Kaede in finding a solution in sealing an inherited halberd of great misfortune called the Naginata of Kenkon. Akitoki, along with InuYasha and his companions, must travel to a shrine atop a mountain, which will dissipate the demonic aura from the halberd. Soon after resting at a tea house, strange occurrences begin to stir, including that of boulders descending and explosives dropping. Akitoki uncovers the fact that he possesses the Ken Blade half, while the Kon Blade half might be possessed by four ninja yōkai.

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