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"The Great Duel at Shoun Falls"
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Episode Summary: Hoshiyomi holds Kagome captive, to unite the Ken Blade with the Kon Blade. The rest of InuYasha's group have been scattered by the pentagram barrier surrounding the shrine created by Hoshiyomi. Each are encountered by one of the four ninja yōkai, proving to be worthy opponents, as InuYasha's group struggle to defeat them. The bitter Hoshiyomi reveals to Kagome his own tragic close romantic relationship with a high-ranking human priestess named Tsukiyomi. He believes that by reuniting the two blades, he must kill humans to save humankind. Miroku uses his Wind Tunnel to vacuum the four ninja yōkai into the vortex. Hoshiyomi summons the two blades together to form the Naginata of Kenkon.

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