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"Eternal Love, The Naginata of Kenkon"
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Episode Summary: With the complete Naginata of Kenkon in his possession, Hoshiyomi is virtually unstoppable. The spirit of Tsukiyomi returns and possesses Kagome to reason with her old lover. Hoshiyomi wanted to forge the Naginata of Kenkon in order to fight alongside Tsukiyomi, but he became possessed by the demonic influence of his overwhelming weapon. Tsukiyomi sealed Hoshiyomi within the shrine, and separated the halberd into two blades. However, Hoshiyomi killed Tsukiyomi as payment of betrayal. Akitoki confesses his unrequited romantic love for Kagome, defending against an attack by Hoshiyomi. Tsukiyomi gives InuYasha and Kagome a chance to destroy the demonic halberd once and for all.

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