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"Untamed Entei and Horrible Hakudoshi"
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Episode Summary: The half of The Infant that was guarded by Kagura transforms into Hakudoshi, the eighth incarnation of Naraku. InuYasha and his companions follow Entei and is led to Rengokuki, who has risen from his grave, but the two retreat when InuYasha overpowers them. Rengokuki meets Kagura, who quickly declines his offer in marriage. Hakudoshi ends Entei's wild rampage when he arrives and slaughters Rengokuki, hence being chosen as its new master. InuYasha and his companions encounter Hakudoshi, who is in search of the remaining shard of the Shikon Jewel located in the Netherworld, before he escapes. Kagome and Shippo are later attacked by a headless demon, in which InuYasha deduces that Hakudoshi is responsible.

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