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"Bizarre Guards at the Border of the Afterlife"
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Episode Summary: InuYasha and his companions head toward the Mountain in the Realm of Fire, with the Saimyōshō leading them there. After entering a cave, they find Gozu and Mezu, the giant stone statues that guard the gate of the Netherworld. However, in order to pass through the gate, one must be deceased. InuYasha seems vulnerable to the attacks from Gozu and Mezu. The only way to revert these two back to stone is to force the gate open by use of the Wind Scar. Kagura quickly attempts to pass through, but her demon army becomes petrified by the blinding light beyond the gate. Gozu and Mezu close the gate and revert to stone. Kagome tells the rest of the group that there is a presence of the shard of the Shikon Jewel beyond the gate. Kagura returns to Hakudoshi, furious at him. Nevertheless, it is kept in mind that Hakudoshi is connected to Naraku, having possession of her heart.

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