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"The Fiery Bird Master, Princess Abi"
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Episode Summary: It is seen that Princess Abi, who is a phoenix yōkai, has raided a town, in which her horde of phoenix demons drains the blood of the townspeople. Naraku presents himself to Princess Abi as an ally for her quest to heal her poisoned mother Queen Tekkei, wreaking havoc in order to collect the blood of humans to dilute the poison. Abi reluctantly accepts his help in the form of a trident, as it is claimed to be of use to her. A group of goblin demons have appeared in revenge of their father, yet Naraku easily defeats them and continues on his way. Princess Abi encounters InuYasha for the first time, as her mob of phoenix demons attack a village, but she evades after realizing Naraku intended her to fight against InuYasha.

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