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"The Tragic Love Song of Destiny"
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Episode Summary: This is the first part of a flashback. Kaede witnesses Kikyo and Tsubaki fight a swarm of demons. The grave of Midoriko in a limestone cave reacts to the Shikon Jewel inside a slain yet resurrected Mistress Centipede. Tsubaki places a curse on Kikyo for whenever she were to deeply fall in love. Kikyo is given the duty to guard and purify the Shikon Jewel inside the shrine of the village. After meeting InuYasha, she realizes that he wants to have the Shikon Jewel to transform from a hanyō to a full-fledged, full-blooded yōkai. She gradually falls in love with him, feeling grateful for what he has unconditionally done, and he with her. InuYasha gives Kikyo a pearl oyster containing cosmetics as a gift, which belonged to his human mother.

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