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"The Bond Between Them, Use the Sacred Jewel Shard!"
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Episode Summary: The demon mountain Gakusaijin has been struck and slain by shafts of light from an unknown source. A mysterious monk named Goryomaru with a demonic arm has his child ascetic warriors slay demons and recover their corpses. This leads the protagonists to investigate his temple in hopes of finding the Fuyouheki. They confront Goryomaru for killing Gakusaijin with his warriors. The children admit they believed all demons were evil. Kagura thinks The Infant is within the temple and commands the previously-slain demons to attack the temple. She is severely wounded by Goryomaru, falling into a nearby waterfall. Sesshomaru later saves her downstream. Though he knows she has betrayed him, Naraku does not destroy her heart in hopes of setting a trap for InuYasha. Kagura tells Sesshomaru about The Infant being the possessor of the heart of Naraku, as she leaves him with a crystal connection to the Fuyouheki. Hakudoshi brings Kagura back to the temple, all to observe Goryomaru being murdered. The demons were being slain and brought to the temple to amass a large amount of demonic aura, the better to mask the presence of The Infant. The protagonists are lured into the stomach of a large stone demon, trapping them there with the intent of collecting the last shard of the Shikon Jewel held by Kagome after they are dissolved by digestion. Kikyo encounters Kanna, who is holding The Infant. However, the soulless demon stops her attempt to kill The Infant. InuYasha attaches the last shard of the Shikon Jewel to the Tetsusaiga, causing him to transform to demon form. Kagome embraces him, subduing him long enough to purify the shard. After breaking out with a final Adamant Barrage they vow to pursue Naraku until he is destroyed.

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