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"Sango's Suffering and Kohaku's Life"
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Episode Summary: Naraku resurrects Kohaku with a shard of the Shikon Jewel, although the memory of the latter is erased, considering the trauma being unbearable, being ordered to attack Inuyasha. Sango follows Kohaku, passing through a spirit shield embedded in a forest, to which Naraku is encountered. Using Kohaku as leverage, Naraku offers to let Kohaku live forever if Sango brings him the legendary sword Tetsusaiga.

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  1. jorge

    Mar 19th, 2013

    Like the cartoon

  2. annie

    Apr 7th, 2013


  3. 8a s lega

    May 8th, 2013

    gmt anime

  4. jeff

    Jun 21st, 2013

    best anime ever

  5. Black

    Nov 13th, 2014

    Ther is missing episode i mean what are they talkig about killing who and when her brother destroy and a vaillege

  6. Black

    Nov 13th, 2014

    The real episode 29 is missing

  7. Black

    Nov 14th, 2014

    (-_-) {nice anime}

  8. Pathetic

    Aug 22nd, 2015

    wait a minute…isn’t this supposed to be a english sub version? Why is it dubbed…

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