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"Inside Naraku"
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Episode Summary: Kagome learns that she has been put on the waiting list for high school, and is happy about the fact that she was accepted at all. She and her friends graduate from middle school. Hojo wishes to give Kagome his second button, a tradition in Japan which means that the boy likes the girl, but she leaves before he can. Back in the Feudal Era, Naraku has absorbed the power of the Shikon Jewel and a dark cloud spreads over the land. InuYasha's group leaves to defeat Naraku, leaving Shippo behind. As they find Naraku and Byakuya in a cloud of miasma, they see Sesshomaru enter Naraku's body in search of Rin. As InuYasha's group enters, Miroku pauses to propose to Sango. They soon realize that though they are breathing in the miasma, it is not harming them because the Shikon Jewel wants to capture their souls first. InuYasha and Kagome search for the defiled jewel, after Miroku and Sango are captured. As InuYasha gets closer to the Shikon Jewel, he turns into a full-blooded demon and attacks Kagome. Naraku offers Kagome a miasma-coated arrow to save herself with, but she refuses. InuYasha attacks again, throwing her off a cliff. Naraku says InuYasha will kill her, just as he had killed Kikyo.

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