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"Naraku's Uncertain Wish"
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Episode Summary: Naraku releases more miasma, while Inuyasha uses Tessaiga's barrier to protect himself, Kagome, and Miroku. Sango arrives riding Kirara and throws her Hirakotsu, but it absorbs too much of the miasma and Sango falls through a hole Naraku opens in his flesh. Miroku follows and she decides to die with him there. When Kagome questions Naraku about whether his real wish has come true, he becomes enraged. As he absorbs the jewel, he begins transforming and spreading spiderwebs around the area. Inuyasha unleashes Meido Zangestuha, which takes on the form of slashing blades due to the different nature of his sword. Byakuya slashes Kagome across the back with his blade, but strangely it leaves no wound. Inuyasha quickly attacks and kills Byakuya, who states that he has fulfilled his purpose. Miroku and Sango fall again, but are joined by Shippo. Together, along with Sesshomaru's group, they join Inuyasha and Kagome in the final battle against Naraku.

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    Love inuyasha. great episode

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