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"Toward Tomorrow"
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Episode Summary: Kagome hears InuYasha telling her not to make any wishes and remembers her grandfather telling her that the one correct wish will cause the Shikon Jewel to be banished from the world forever. Inuyasha battles his way to her and after they share a loving kiss, she makes her wish: that the Shikon Jewel would vanish forever. The Shikon Jewel shatters and the demons inside it disappear, as do Naraku and the priestess Midoriko. Three years later, Miroku and Sango's third child is about to be born, Shippo is training to become a full-fledged fox demon, and Kohaku is dedicating himself to helping those affected by demons along with Kirara. In the present day 18 year old Kagome, who is now about to graduate from high school, recalls how InuYasha had rescued her and how that the Bone Eater's well had stopped working since then. Inside the shrine, she realizes that her own feelings are what was blocking the well and wishes she could see InuYasha again. The well reactivates as Kagome's mother joins her. Kagome bids her farewell and enters the well. InuYasha quickly catches her scent and meets her, taking her by the hand. Kagome's family continues to live as they always have - Sota tells his friends that his sister got married right after high school and moved away. Hojo is dating the underclassman who was hitting on him earlier in the series. All of Kagome's friends are in college. In the feudal world, Sango and Miroku live with their three kids in Kaede's village. Kohaku is off to train to become a strong demon slayer. Myoga now lives with Toutousai. Shippo is training to become a strong fox demon. Rin lives with Kaede in the village where Sesshoumaru is shown paying her visits, along with Jaken, bringing Rin gifts. Inuyasha said that when the time comes, Rin will either decide to stay in the village or travel with Sesshomaru, Jaken and Ah-Un. Koga gets married with Ayame. Kagome is adapting to her new life in the feudal world as InuYasha's wife.

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