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"The End of Moryomaru"
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Episode Summary: Naraku absorbs a demonic tree that grants him the power and ability to penetrate demonic barriers. InuYasha, and friends attempt a confrontation, but Naraku flees without a fight. Kikyo and Kohaku pursue the rest of the nearly completed Shikon Jewel, and meet Koga for the first time. As InuYasha's gang arrives at the mountain, Moryomaru meets Naraku and prepares to attack him. Though Koga and InuYasha work together to try to stop him, Naraku tricks Moryomaru into absorbing him, allowing him to penetrate Moryomaru's tough defenses and letting him absorb Moryomaru from the inside out, and reclaiming the Infant as his visible heart. Kikyo wants to use Kohaku's shard to attack Naraku. To protect him, Miroku attacks Naraku with his Wind Tunnel instead, and refuses to close it despite his friends pleas. The miasma begins poisoning him, causing blood to stream from his eyes and mouth, but he is able to suck in the Fuyoheki before InuYasha finally stops him. As he leaves, Naraku tells InuYasha that Miroku had almost gotten his heart, which he will regret. Miroku is left near death, and Kikyo states that her powers and abilities of purification cannot entirely heal him.

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