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"Sesshomaru in the Underworld"
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Episode Summary: Without his shards, Koga takes Ginta and Hakaku and retires from fighting Naraku, leaving desire for revenge to InuYasha and his group. Meanwhile, Sesshomaru visits Inukimi to asks how he can make Meido Zangetsuha even stronger and even more powerful than ever before. She summons a Hellhound from her Meido Stone for her son to battle, which takes Rin and Kohaku into the void of the Underworld. Sesshomaru follows them into the void and defeats the Hellhound to rescue them. Though in the void, Kohaku can move due to the shard in his back, but Rin is not due to her life slipped away. When Kohaku informs Sesshomaru Rin has stopped breathing, he stops shocked. The Darkness envelopes Rin and Sesshomaru confronts the underworld guardian to rescue her, but Rin dies with no mercy. Sesshomaru uses Tenseiga to purify the carcass in the Underworld, and brings himself with Rin and Kohaku back to the physical world. Inukimi is surprised Sesshomaru isn't happy Zangetsuha's darkness widened, He more is disappointed of Rin's death, and is disturbed when now learning Tensaiga can only summon a dead person back once. After scolding Sesshomaru thinking he was a god, who could cheat death or something simply 'cause he carries Tensaiga, she revives Rin using her Meido Stone, but warns Kohaku and Rin they are alike, knowing their lives can't be saved by Tenseiga again.

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