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"Blue Days ~ Red Switch"
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Episode Summary: Houki becomes pressured to win the upcoming inter-class tournament after her attempt to ask Ichika out escalated into a rumor that whoever wins the tournament gets to date him. As Cecilia and Lingyin prepare to spar, Laura appears and goads them into a two-on-one battle, effortlessly countering all their attacks. When she continues to beat them at the risk of their lives, Ichika and Charles step in to rescue them before Chifuyu puts a stop to the battle, declaring it will be settled in the inter-class tournament. It is soon announced that the tournament will be conducted in pairs, with Ichika choosing Charles as his partner. On the day of the inter-class tournament, it is decided via lottery that Houki is to be paired with Laura against Ichika and Charles.

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    Can’t believe it took them about 3 years to make season 2.

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