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"The Transfer Student is the Second Childhood Friend"
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Episode Summary: Cecilia takes a liking with Ichika and gives the position of class representative to him, instead much to Houki's chagrin. The next day, Ichika meets Lingyin, the new transfer student from China who also happens to be his childhood friend and also the class representative of her class. After Ichika and Lingyin get reacquainted with each other, Houki and Cecilia get jealous. Upon learning Houki is Ichika's roommate, Lingyin tries to get Houki to let her become his roommate instead, which Houki refuses. Lingyin later leaves in anger after Ichika doesn't figure out the childhood promise they made and wants to settle it in the Inter-Class IS Tournament. With his match against Lingyin and her Shenlong IS next, Ichika prepares himself.

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  1. Metly

    Feb 14th, 2014

    This is quite a charmer

  2. skyguy

    Feb 18th, 2014


  3. Victorique

    May 24th, 2014

    Wow,another chilhood friend
    Hey Ichika,how many times have you befriends with girls when you were young?you really are cute when you were young,which attracts girls…hehe it’s just an opinion please don’t be angry…

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