IS: Infinite Stratos Season 2 Episode 1 English Subbed

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"The Memory of a Summer"

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Episode Summary: The episode begins with Ichika in a dream similar to the one he had in the last episode of the first season. However, this time when he looks to the woman in the IS who he thinks is his sister, she grabs him and strangles him while saying 'I'll kill you'. Ichika then wakes up and finds Laura sleeping with him once again, but this time she has 'clothes' on. Laura asks Ichika to the new amusement park to end their last summer day. Ichika then suggests that they bring the whole group, angering Laura. Ichika then goes around the whole day inviting the other girls to the Amusement park. Meanwhile, Charlotte and Laura decide to go shopping. During their trip, Charlotte and Laura become mini celebrities in a clothing shop, employees at a maid cafe, and heroines when they break up a hostage situation at the maid cafe. The scene then cuts to a mysterious woman named M breaking into a heavily guarded facility to retrieve a confined IS using an extremely powerful IS of her own named Silent Zephyrus. The scene then cuts back to Ichika and the girls at the Amusement park having a fun time. The episode ends with a quick appearance by Tatenashi Sarashiki.

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    Oct 3rd, 2013

    this will be a good season

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    Oct 3rd, 2013

    its sad that i dont remember any of the girls at all

  8. olympus

    Oct 4th, 2013

    hmm they kinda fast foroward the swinsuit stuff istead i would prefer an episode for that, it was kinda short.

  9. Were-ram

    Oct 4th, 2013

    I said this before and i will say it again, i was wrong to believe that wasn’t gong to be a second season. But when you look at how the first season ended it did seem like he chose Houki over everyone else….. either way Harems are amazing +_+

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    Oct 5th, 2013

    is it just me? looking at is,,it reminds me of kos-mos xenosaga… ^_^

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    i mean IS

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    Oct 5th, 2013

    Not that much of a good episode but I have a feeling that awesome ones will come

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    Oct 12th, 2013

    dam it just die ichika orimura …

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    Oct 22nd, 2013

    the more mirrors the better

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    Didn’t know they had a season tw
    o hope its good

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    Download work?

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    You dense mother fucker

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    best anime ever

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