IS: Infinite Stratos Season 2 Episode 10 English Subbed

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"Cooking My Way"
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Episode Summary: The girls are shown sitting down at the cafeteria questioning Kanzashi's relationship with Ichika. Kanzashi replies with "We're just friends." but secretly has feelings towards him, which all the girls then reflect that upon themselves since their all in the same boat. Later that day Ichika is called to the nurse's office by Maya, where she then tells him that due to the recent attack the IS-suits must be improved. Maya then tells him the "Student Council" asked for Ichika himself to do the body measurements. After the debacle the group is on the roof eating lunch where Ichika is shown with a bento made by Houki. When Ichika mentions how he loves everybody's cooking, Cecelia becomes upset considering she can't cook whatsoever! When everyone went back at their dorms Cecelia goes to Houki for help on how to make good fried chicken. With deep remorse she decides to help Cecelia anyway. When Houki gets a call and leaves the room, Cecelia purposely adds perfume and mustard to the chicken for "touch", where Houki then taste-tests it. The next day Houki is shown absent (due to Cecelia's absurd concoction). Cecelia then goes to Charlotte for help and they start to make Charlotte's famous "pot-au-feu". When Laura is tossing in her sleep due to bad dreams Charlotte goes to tuck her in and leaves Cecelia to her own accord where again she purposely adds her "touch" to the dish (Laura is shown waking up hungry and then eats the dish). The next day Houki, Charlotte and Laura are shown absent, Cecelia asks Ichika if just him and her could eat lunch on the roof the following day, where he agrees. Finally Cecelia asks Ling for her help, Ling who has technically figured out what Cecelia has been doing tells her to try her "own" food, but sure enough Ling ends up tasting Cecelia's sabotaged dish. Cecelia meets Ichika on the roof, but due to her making everybody sick and not even keeping a single dish, Ichika then brings her to his dorm where they make Rice Balls. The episode ends with Tabane eating a fancy dinner with Squall (the blonde woman who is part of Phantom Task). Tabane notices how Squall was trying to drug her through soup. Autumn is then shown pointing a gun at Tabane's head where Tabane then knocks the gun out of her hand and severely injures Autumn by knocking her into a wine case. Silent Zephyrs busts through the cafe and attacks Tabane, but she easily disarms it. Tabane shows an interest in Madoka after disabling Silent Zephyrs so she makes an exception to only make a personal IS for her.

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  1. raditholic

    Dec 7th, 2013

    Where download link?

  2. klamens

    Dec 7th, 2013

    she got every one sick

  3. chathana

    Dec 7th, 2013

    Cecilia has the eyes of a murderer and damn Dr. Tabane is so OP

  4. thewriterjm

    Dec 8th, 2013

    And this is episode ten.

  5. crnr


    Dec 9th, 2013

    LOL I don’t know if Cecilla is doing it intentionally or are those innocent mistakes XD

    LOL I still don’t get how Dr.Tabane’s brain works XD
    if she can do all those manuvers that easy why bother staying there >.<

  6. Earthmage

    Feb 5th, 2014

    This happened :l

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