IS: Infinite Stratos Season 2 Episode 12 English Subbed

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"Angel Girls (Girls Over)"
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Episode Summary: Madoka and Ichika confront each other. Tatenashi engages Squall on top of a tower at full combat. On a malfunction monorail that Chifuyu and the following students are trapped in, they deduce a time-bomb is attached to it, so Kanzashi quickly calculates the bomb’s whereabouts. As Ichika fights Madoka while reaching the train, Houki and Cecelia are attacked by Autumn and eventually rejoin Ichika, to see the train's explosion. Having Ichika devastated, Madoka stabbed him fatally, leaving Houki to save him and cries for his awakening. Luckily, Charlotte, Laura, Huang, and Kanzashi detained the bomb just in time. In a dream, Ichika is seized by Madoka, but then a mysterious girl in white hair gives Ichika a helping hand. Squall has the other IS pilots vulnerable, until Tatenashi diverts her with a weapon of hers and signals for Ichika's instigates attack in White Knight form. Madoka intercepts Ichika, though he manages to strike her down, Phantom Task evacuates for now, prompting they have collected enough data, and Ichika is welcome by everyone else alive and well. A scene is shown Tabane sitting beside the white girl. In a hot spring, Ichika relax while thinking about Madoka's pendant that had Chifuyu's picture. Just before Ichika leaves the bath, the girls suddenly start coming in because a person accidentally changed the sign from male to female, to their embarrassment.

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    … and it’s over. Hope we get a season 3.

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    nice anime

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