IS: Infinite Stratos Season 2 Episode 2 English Subbed

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"Heart Pain Killer"

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Episode Summary: After sparring with Lingyin, Ichika runs late to class and is punished by Chifuyu. Officially meeting Tatenashi at the school assembly, Ichika oversees the selection of his class' activity for the school festival wherein Laura suggests a normal maid cafe. After receiving approval, Ichika is unwilling to receive Tatenashi as an instructor and challenges her ultimately losing. Dreaming upon the grasslands, Ichika appears to see Houki before awaking in Tatenashi's lap. Tatenashi takes Ichika training in shooting stances with Charlotte and Cecilia. Ichika returns home to find Tatenashi who incites Houki as he enters into a new training routine with Tatenashi. In the end Houki, Cecilia, Lingyin, Charlotte, and Laura all try to comfort Ichika as he falls asleep from exhaustion.

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  1. fiosrach

    Oct 10th, 2013

    And watch

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    Oct 10th, 2013

    Lol i love it ye wanna suck all of dem

  3. NoelAngel

    Oct 10th, 2013

    Finally :3

  4. ajr

    Oct 10th, 2013

    I like it so far…wish they kept the original voices

  5. raditholic

    Oct 10th, 2013

    10 episode again

  6. Shion

    Oct 10th, 2013

    nope,,,ichika voice actor is different,,,

  7. You'reAllIdiots

    Oct 17th, 2013

    ok my name is perfect right now cause you ARE all idiots, if you had checked any anime news sites, like Crunchyroll, you would fucken know that all the original voice actors came back

  8. angel

    Mar 16th, 2014

    never learns bout the damn shield >.<

  9. vampireblade

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    Well then

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