IS: Infinite Stratos Season 2 Episode 3 English Subbed

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"Translucent Chord of Cinderella's Heel"

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Episode Summary: Tatenashi extorts Ichika for a massage before he butlers for his class' maid cafe the next day. Stopping by the cafe, Rin orders a set wherein she has to feed Ichika personally. Disheartened after Houki interrupts her attempt to be fed by Ichika, Rin eats the pocky and is complemented as being cute. Realizing it is in comparison to a squirrel, Rin storms off leaving Reiko Makigami asking Ichika to use her company's equipment. As Ichika goes on break, Cecilia, Houki, Charlotte, and Laura all try to join but Cecilia wins out taking him to the brass band exhibition. Returning, Ichika is abducted by Tatenashi to be the prince of the student council's rendition of Cinderella wherein, unbeknownst to him, whomever gets his crown receives the right to live with him. Under constant fire, Ichika manages to survive Rin, Cecilia, Charlotte, Laura and Houki only to be pursued by the walk-in contestants where he is dragged under stage by Reiko who desires to steal Byakushiki.

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  1. raditholic

    Oct 17th, 2013


  2. Sousuke


    Oct 17th, 2013

    when a time you write a FIRST ……i already finish watch this anime~.~

  3. raditholic

    Oct 17th, 2013

    Really? I think you really love this anime!

  4. NoelAngel

    Oct 17th, 2013

    Tatenashi is a fun girl lol Cx

  5. KaitoShion

    Oct 17th, 2013

    Charlotte still captures my heart in every single episode <3

  6. crnr


    Oct 17th, 2013

    LOL so much for the ad lib XD

    and that cinderella story sure is revised to another new level XD

    and they cut it just before the battle >.<

  7. ajr

    Oct 17th, 2013

    My fav is charlotte and hoki…but I moss ther accents

  8. sao


    Oct 18th, 2013

    I still say Charlotte is the better girl

  9. muriyaki

    Apr 25th, 2014

    hmm i think all the girls are better

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