IS: Infinite Stratos Season 2 Episode 5 English Subbed

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"Lovely Style"

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Episode Summary: By request of his teachers, Ichika is drawn to an event where each of the girls are allowed to provide service for him for a limited amount of time. Initially, Houki stumbles while performing a Japanese Tea Ceremony to him, followed by Cecilia who plays billiards with him while wearing a bunny suit. Charlotte then serves Ichika some cookies while dressing as a poodle but is taken away for going too overboard on her service and Laura plays darts with him with some intimate items of hers as prizes. Before Lingyin's turn, Tatenashi appears to join the party and teases Ichika wearing a cat suit. Before the end, Chifuyu appears dressing as a maid to serve him and it is revealed that it was all part of the birthday party they had prepared to him. When asked about which one of the girls acts he liked best, Ichika chooses Chifuyu's instead, just to be scolded by them. After the party, Ichika is approached by M, who introduces herself as Madoka Orimura and is about to attack him.

10 Responses to “IS: Infinite Stratos Season 2 Episode 5”

  1. NoelAngel

    Oct 31st, 2013

    That was one hell of a harem video o.O but always cut the kissing momment :/ ugh Cx lmao (can i touch them?) “fox ears” xD “houki face”

  2. shairozi

    Oct 31st, 2013


  3. Photophreak

    Oct 31st, 2013

    I knew he had to ruin it like that, it was natural for a harem anime….
    But honestly.. in order from worst to best.

    Laura, Houki, Charl, Cecilia, Tatenashi.

  4. klamens

    Nov 1st, 2013

    this was a good episode

  5. crnr


    Nov 4th, 2013

    for some reason I’m craving for some cookies right now

  6. GURUu

    Nov 8th, 2013

    o.o …so who in the world have this kind of birthday party?

  7. chris

    Jan 24th, 2014

    i need this ep

  8. KhaosBrigade

    Feb 12th, 2014


  9. ryan

    Mar 8th, 2014

    Im confused…lin didnt get her round of showing off for him yet they went on like she did?

  10. Daken517

    Apr 30th, 2016

    poor charlotte, shes so kawaii

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