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Episode Summary: Doll and Dagmyer launch their attack on Shurifon's castle. No one is harmed due to the competition between Kenshi and the King, and the King faces off against Dagmyer. However he is overwhelmed by Doll and the Shield of Gaia until Kenshi comes to his rescue. Meanwhile, after the Swan makes its escape, the Church is attacked by Doll. While Kenshi and Chiaia are scouting the area, an escape pod from a Church messenger ship is rescued by Kenshi. Leia Second, a member of the Church, is taken into the Swan. The Swan makes its way to Havoniwa, where it lies in ruins after an ambush by Cordyline's bandits, who have taken over a defense weapon called the Meteor Fall. Just as the Swan is about to be destroyed, Yukine and her Sacred Mechanoid saves it at the last minute, giving Kenshi the chance to take out the bandits and the weapon in one go. They reach the underground section of Havoniwa where Flora and Maria are currently residing, and after some debate, they come to the question of who owns Kenshi or whom Kenshi wants to go with. Kenshi is unsure to whom he should go with, even after seeking advice from the other girls. He finally goes to Lashara, who pleads for him to stay by her side. After telling her that he will protect her, Kenshi comes to the conclusion that he will make the Swan an independent state where all people can take refuge. After becoming leader of the Swan, Kenshi is shocked to find out he is banned from excavating jewels on the ship's hull.

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