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"Barrier Workshop"
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Episode Summary: As the group travel on the Swan, it is not long until trouble occurs when they see Ceres being attacked by bandit Sacred Mechamasters. Kenshi goes to aid Ceres, only to be trapped with Ceres from a Sacred Mechamaster reactor, which is overloading and about to explode. However, something changes inside Kenshi where he cannot forgive those who hurt Ceres and half of the white Sacred Mechanoid becomes black, where he then compresses the reactor and launches it elsewhere. Kenshi attacks the hideout while Ceres, Chiaia, and Aura rescue Hazuki. Kenshi goes berserk and takes out all the Sacred Mechanoids while hurting himself in the process and giving Dagmyer a traumatic experience. Ceres and Hazuki later join the Swan, and Kenshi and the group make their way to the Barrier Workshop to see Naua Flan, Chiaia's father. Naua briefs them on the history of Sacred Mechanoid, Sacred Mechamaster and the Sacred Mechalord. Naua also refers to Mexiah and the forgotten warrior (referring to Kenshi), but is unable to tell them about Kenshi. As Doll and the bandits come, Rea turns traitor and steals a mysterious object. The Swan and her crew manage to escape and Doll/Mexiah finds out from her father the truth about Kenshi.

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  1. Sugoisan

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    this episode made more questions then what it answered. Ether way, this is a classic in my book.


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    its ok.

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